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Use Mic Test online to check your microphone is working or not.

Say something for 15 seconds, then you will hear your recorded voice played back.

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That's great. Your microphone is working perfectly.

Please check your microphone or change the device settings or follow the Troubleshooting Guide and try again.

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About Online Mic Test

This tool is actually an online web application that allows you to check your device's microphone directly from your web browser. The tool is 100% safe to use. All the process takes place at your browser and nothing is sent to the web servers. We don't store or collect any kind of voice recordings on our server. The core purpose of this tool is to provide you a free and easy-to-use platform for testing your microphone. That's it.

Mic Test Online - Microphone Test

Do you have an important Skype meeting scheduled and you are unsure about your microphone? Just open your web browser and use our Microphone Test tool to check whether your microphone is performing well or not. Now, you are saved from last-minute struggles.

The tool is developed taking care that it supports all the operating systems and models of microphones. It is very fast in detecting the problem of your mic. As compared to most of the mic testing applications, our tool offers much more convenience and stability. At Mic Test, you can quickly diagnose your microphone with the least effort.

How does Microphone Test Work?

For the process to begin, it will need access to your device's microphone. When you press on "Start Testing"button, it will ask you for microphone access. So, you have to allow it to get started. After choosing allow, you can see the voice recording starts immediately. Then you have to speak something for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds you can hear your recorded voice played back. If you heard your voice then your microphone works fine. If not then you have to check your mic settings or you can follow the troubleshooting guide to fix the issue.

During all these from opening the tool to listening to your sound, JavaScript programming is responsible for all the actions. The complete process takes place locally in your browser. Therefore, your microphone access is just limited to yourself and you are fully secured.

Why use Online Mic Test?

Using the online microphone checking tool is the most straightforward and simple way to test your mic. It can easily determine the flaw and fix it accordingly. No extra effort or time-consuming. Apart from being the simplest method, here are some more advantages you get:

  1. You can directly use this tool from your web browser, no installation is required.
  2. If you purchased a new microphone and want to check whether it's working fine or not then, you can simply plug it into your device and test it on the tool.
  3. Also, it is useful to check the mic of your headset or webcam.
  4. Using a microphone test, you can check the audio quality and distortion level.
  5. The mic test tool is very simple to use. Also, it has a very simple user interface with just a single button to start the testing.
  6. The tool works very smoothly and fast on all devices.
  7. It supports many devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.
  8. Our tool provides robust security and it never deals with the communication of your data with servers.

Key Features

Start Testing

You can begin the testing by pressing the "Start Testing" button. It will then ask your permission to access the device's default microphone.

Recording Playback

You can assess the quality of your microphone's recording. The tool records voice for 20 seconds and then plays it back.

100% Secure

We respect our user's data security and it's very important to us. That's why our tool doesn't store any type of user data on the server. It's 100% safe and secure to use.

How to use the Online Microphone Test?

Firstly, open the Mic Test Tool and follow these simple steps to test your microphone:

1. Press "Start Testing"

When you open the tool, you can see the large "Start Testing" button at the top of the page. So, you have to press it to get started.

Start Mic Testing
2. Allow Microphone Access

When you press the "Start Testing" button, one popup will come. It will ask you to Allow or Block the microphone access. So, you have to choose the "Allow" to go forward.

Allow Microphone Access
3. Say Something

After that, you can see the 20 seconds counter will start immediately. In this 20 seconds time duration, you have to speak something on your mic.

Say Something for 20 Seconds
4. Hear your Recorded Voice

When the 20 seconds completes, you can hear your own recorded voice played back. If you heard your recorded voice properly then your mic is working fine. If you don't hear it then you have to change the device settings. Also, you can check the troubleshooting guide to trace where is the exact issue.

Hear Recorded Voice

Troubleshooting Guide

So, you found that your microphone is not working after using the microphone test tool. You can use these simple and quick solutions to fix the issue with your microphone.

1. Microphone access blocked

When the microphone access is blocked the tool can never record voice and in the end, you will think that there is some problem with your mic.

Don't worry, you can again allow the permission after skipping or blocking the request. Just go to your browser settings and look for the option to enable microphone access to the site. In the latest browsers, you can see the option directly on the search bar.

Allow from Search Bar
2. Distorted Sound

If you hear distorted or low-quality sound during the playback then there must be too much noise in the background. Try testing by moving to a silent place. If you are at a silent place and still hear noise then there must be some issue internally with the mic.

3. Missing Drivers

Reinstall or update the drivers of your microphone by going to the Device Manager. Sometimes, the microphone does not work because of not proper driver installation. So, make sure it is installed properly.

4. Connection Problem

If you are using an external microphone, then check whether the plug of the mic is plugged in perfectly or not. Also, check for any kind of loose wiring or tear.

5. The microphone is being already used by another application

Close all other applications that are using the microphone then try using the mic test. As in many devices, multiple applications are not allowed to use the microphone at the same time.


No, you can use the tool an unlimited number of times and free of cost. No hidden charges at all.

Our tool requires no registration or sign-up. Just open the application on the web browser, allowing mic permission, and use it!

The microphone test tool tests the default microphone. If you wish to use a different microphone then you will have to go to the sound settings and change the default mic to the one you wish to test.

If none of the troubleshooting methods worked then most probably your microphone is defective. You have to get it repaired or replaced by a new one.

Mic Test tool is an online tool. To load up the tool in your browser you require Internet.


That was complete information about the very useful mic test tool. Check your microphone easily and quickly. Whether you want to inspect your newly purchased mic or get assured about your internal mic, this tool comes in handy every time.